League Races


The Club takes part in 3 main leagues each year.


  1. BDSL - (Burton District Summer League) - Team Requires 4 Women / 6 Men

    1. Ivanhoe Runners

    2. Peel RR

    3. Tamworth AC

    4. South Derbyshire Road Runners

    5. Uttoxeter Road Runners

    6. Washlands Women Runners

    7. Hatton Darts

    8. Burton AC




   2. Road Series

   3. Off Road Series



For future race details, please select each tab for more information.

For each race you will earn yourself points on an idividual basis within the Uttoxeter Road Runners but also for the Club against the league entered.


The results will be updated on a regular basis.

(see race results for more information)