Zak's Speed Sessions Legacy

Pinfold Street ‘Heavy Leg’ efforts

Warm Up run from Leisure Centre to Old Knooty way and then cross the railway at the pedestrian crossing.

  • Repeats starting at train tracks on Pinfold Street, accelerate to top speed for 30-40 m, switch into 5k tempo for 70-90 m, final sprint kick 40-50 m up to T junction

  • Repeat 6 times

  • Jog Back to the Leisure centre

URR Racecourse - uttoxeter race course strava loop

  • Jog from leisure Centre to warm up

  • 3 x 1 mile efforts: 2-3 minute break between reps, Aim to run for ‘feel’ at 5k race pace for 3 identically timed reps

  • Advice - Don’t look at watch and run on feel

Bramshall Park ‘Big Wreck’ hill session

  • Sets of varying distanced hill efforts - 1 set encompassing 1x short (50 - 70 m), 1x middle (90 - 110 m), 1x long (120 - 150 m) maximum effort

Advice - break sets up with a technical focus or alternative training type for recovery and variation

Session also applicable on: Bramshall Park ‘Trail hill’, Balance Hill

Bramshall Park Rugby Pitch ‘Pyramid’

  • Using the perimeter of the pitch, starting at the bottom corner perform laps building up the intensity per lap, to a maximum distance, to then drop back down - ie LAP 1: 3x soft, 1x hard, LAP 2: 2x soft 2x hard, LAP 3: 1x soft 3x hard, LAP 4: 2x soft, 2x hard, LAP 5: 3x soft, 1x hard